Meet our network of 30+ Independent Artists:

Logo for Across the Realms

Across the Realms - 🇬🇷

Across the Realms delivers monthly miniatures themed around popular and not-so-popular fantasy and sci-fi genres. Their PINUP CORPS campaign was a tremendous success, bringing sci-fi pinup troopers to the battlefields of the far future.

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Logo for Brutefun Miniatures

Brutefun Miniatures - 🇬🇧

Jon (Brutefun) started sculpting digitally in Sept 2021 and has found a passion for making miniatures for Fantasy football board games. Currently as a one-man team, he releases ½ a team per month. Jon’s sculpts are our personal favorites for Fantasy Football board games!

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Logo for Creed's Painting Miniatures

Creed's Painting Miniatures - 🇫🇷

Creed's Painting is first of all an adventure of a miniature painter! He created his company almost 3 years ago, after 15 years as a hobbyist and painter. Creator of the Rundsgäard, which blends recognizable sci-fi themes with nordic-inspired iconography.

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Den of Imagination - 🇪🇺

We are a diverse multinational team working days and nights to make fantasies of your creative mind come true. Our highest rank sculptors are eager to challenge both their skills and creativity on the way of bringing you the best quality models. Formerly known as Wild Mesh.

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Logo for Duncan Shadow Louca Miniatures

Duncan Shadow Louca - 🇺🇸

Duncan's models explore both the unbelievably cute and unsettlingly grotesque. He crafts models that are all different sizes, from newborn baby dragon newts, to imposing, gargantuan giants. Duncan Shadow models make for fantastic centerpieces in any tabletop arrangement.

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Golden Dragon Games company logo

Golden Dragon Games - 🇺🇸

Golden Dragon Games officially started in July of 2021, with the creation of our first paid set of STLs. Over the coming months, look for us to publish rules for our new game, release more and more models for you to print or buy, and begin a podcast about the new and exciting world of Marcher: Empires at War.

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Grey Tide Studio - 🇪🇸

Greetings! We are Greytide Studio, a group of miniatures and wargames fans that decided to make our own project to transform your miniatures into something unique. It has been a long way of learning and growing so we are proud to present our first project: Eternal Pilgrims.

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Fabricator's Lair - 🌎

Fabricator’s lair is an excellent designer of 3D Printable terrain sets. Most recently, his campaign GOTHIC SECTOR brough starship interiors from a variety of alien races to life. Be sure to check out his work and level up your terrain!

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Highlands Miniatures - 🇪🇸

We’re HIGHLANDS MINIATURES, a Spanish couple who create awesome 3D printables miniatures and fantasy armies for tabletop games. We decided to start this new adventure to provide more opportunities for us, the gamers. Highlands produces the highest quality fantasy regiment kits on the market today, setting new standards for the industry.

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Hoplite Game Studios -  🇺🇸

Undoubtedly the single greatest (and by far most humble) team of 3D printing specialists in the world today. We’re passionate about bringing unique designs from independent artists around the world to your tabletop via professional-grade 3D printing. With over 10+ years of experience in additive manufacturing, we are serious about producing only the finest quality products on the market.

Kraken 3D Studios - 🇪🇸

KRAKEN 3D STUDIOS is a creation studio focused on the prototyping and creation of toys, figures, and scenery for board games by creating STL files that can be 3D printed. We are passionate about War Games and Tabletop Games, that is why we have launched various Kickstarter projects in order to share our ideas and creativity with you so that everyone interested can spend a great time playing our games.

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Lore Miniatures - 🇨🇦

VFX Modeler turned miniatures designer. Fred Richards is the principal sculptor and founder of Lore Miniatures. Experience includes working on Avengers Infinity War and Endgame along with other Marvel projects while at the studio Digital Domain. The first Kickstarter campaign by Lore Miniatures successfully launched in 2021.

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Malicious Minis - 🇪🇺

Formerly Black Crag Miniatures, Malicious Minis is well known for their Space Orc miniatures, which offer incredible new ways to storm across the battlefields of the Grimdark future. Maddie’s complete line of Orcs can be used to augment existing armies or create fully unique armies all from one creator.

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Logo for Marchen Atelier

Marchen Atelier - 🇲🇽

Märchen was born from the passion of telling stories through play, creativity, and art. Through our skills, products and games we contribute to the great human tradition of storytelling. Be sure to check out the GRIMDARK CUTENESS, a playful chibi parody of Wargames set in the Grimdark Future.

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MGPix - 🇮🇹

My name is Marcello, born in Modena, Italy. Class 1985. Self-taught sculptor who uses blender and learns with Youtube videos. This is not my main job, just a hobby. Passion and curiosity have been the engine of everything for several years, I hope they are for many.

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Nate Feyma - 🇺🇸

NFeyma was one of our most requested artists, and we're so proud to now offer his line of Tanks: The Krevarian Ducal Guard. These are arguably the best vehicle kits we currently offer.

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Redmakers - 🇺🇦

Look no further for models befitting the battlefields of the grimdark future; Redmakers has you covered! These gritty, sci-fi models are built for an endless war— and they look good doing it! We are proud to support our friends from Ukraine.

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Red Pilgrim Miniatures - 🇺🇸

Greetings! My name is Jukko and I create miniatures. If you like my work, then I suggest you join my patreon, where I regularly post at least three (or more) highly detailed miniatures per month, with additional alternative parts and weapons.

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Reptilian Overlords - 🇺🇸

Are we allowed to pick a favorite artist? Because if so, it’s definitely Mr. Reptilian Overlord. With an incredible range of both Fantasy and Futuristic miniatures, Reptilian sets are always a joy to assemble, paint, and play with. From the SPACENAM to the MERCENARIES & MILITIA, you’re sure to find something you will enjoy from this artist.

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RN Estudio - 🇪🇸

RN Estudio is one of our most prolific partners, producing all sorts of fantasy, wasteland, and fantasy football models from their studio in Spain. Their Mythbowl sets put other fantasy football teams to shame as they charge across the field.

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Station Forge - 🇬🇧

Artiiicus & Skarpzon are two brothers who aspired to become full-time 3D modelers for tabletop gaming. They are passionate about a variety of themes starting from gothic sci-fi to mythological/historic flavors. Be sure to check out their growing Grim Guard range!

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Suttungr Miniatures - 🇬🇧

Suttungr Miniatures are a sculpting team based in the United Kingdom. Their Noctern Iron Guard call back to the long-forgotten Mordians of yesteryear, bringing impeccably dressed parade troops onto the Grimdark battlefields of the far future.

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Tablehammer - 🇩🇪

We are a small team of 3 designers who love creating 3D-models for tabletop, wargaming and RPGs. We are big fans of the grim dark future – but the future also might bring high fantasy models.

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Tagged Events - 🇬🇧

Tagged Events produces a unique range of models for the tabletop wargaming hobby. Be sure to check out their WARRIORS OF UNITY.

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Torchlight Models - 🇪🇸

Greetings Brothers! Welcome to our humble Black Church! In this coven you can find new old school models to play your favorite games. In our Coven we have this commandment: Each of our products has to allow you to play a game. Get a thematic Fantasy Football full pre-supported team or any specialist full set to play your favorite tabletop games.

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That Evil One - 🇨🇦

We are very excited about the new addition of That Evil One's incredible sculpts to our Sci-Fi offerings. Specializing in alternative Grimdark soldiers of the far future, this Vancouver based animator and self-taught sculptor continues to impress us with their ever expanding ranges of the Lunar Auxilia and Roma Ad Astra.

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Tinker Junkie - 🇪🇸

Love me 3d printer, love me 3d modeling software, love me wargames, simple as.

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Txarli Factory - 🇪🇸

We are Txarli Factory, a company that designs miniatures, terrain, bases and other accessories for games. Our goal is to offer great products that feature attention to detail, design and innovation. Txarli’s SCENIC BASES and TERRAIN KITS have become popular with gamers looking to upgrade their tabletop experience.

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UNGI Miniatures - 🌎

For over 6 years I have been making up miniatures for board games and fantasy football. I am happy to invite you to join us and become part of our friendly team!

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Vae Victis Miniatures - 🇫🇷

The themed sets from Vae Victis Miniatures in France contain an incredible amount of whimsical character. Their sets provide everything you might need for a complete D&D encounter, and yet their sculpts remain unique, identifiable individuals. Each and every Vae Victis model stands out, not just from each other, but from all other miniatures generally!

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We are always interested in adding new artists to diversify our product offerings. With both fixed monthly support as well as sales royalty options, we are able to accommodate artists and studios both large and small. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss how we can work together in the future!

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