Axemonger: Geno Tyrants | Reptilian Overlords | 32mm

Squad Type: Sample Pack (x1)
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📖 The Geno Tyrants: The Geno Tyrants are superhuman warriors created by the Space Lich to serve in his Lich Legions and aid him in his quest to bring order and enlightenment to the galaxy. Monstrous brutes encased in heavy power armor and wielding gigantic weapons that can hardly be lifted by a mortal man, they are an unstoppable force to match the implacable will of their creator. These godlike creations of the Space Lich were given heavy suits of armor powered by enormous v twin engines, which made their movement within the bulky suits effortless and lightning fast. The suits were strong enough to thwart all but the most destructive of battlefield weapons. Stories of battlefield exploits where Tyrants snatch incoming rockets out of the air and hurl them back at the enemy are common. The powered armor also allowed them to easily wield heavier, more powerful versions of the exotic weaponry carried by the techno warlords and barbarian clans which had taken over the wastelands surrounding the mountainous region which was home to the lich’s necropolis.

This glorious introductory set will allow you to create your own legions of Geno Tyrants and includes many bits and accessories to create a variety of Tyrant legions.

📦 What’s in the box? Here are the contents of our Geno Tyrant Kit:

🔘 Geno Tyrant Sample Pack: This set includes parts to build one (1) Geno Tyrant. A variety of additional weapons, heads, shoulderpads, and other customization bits are included. Magnetizable and textured 32mm Hoplite bases are included.

🔘 Geno Tyrant Infantry Squad: This set includes parts to build ten (10) Geno Tyrants. A variety of additional weapons, heads, shoulderpads, and other customization bits are included.Magnetizable and textured 32mm Hoplite bases are included.

🛠️ Simple-to-Build Kit: This kit is Simple-to-Build, and requires minor assembly. Multiple build options allow for customization of your miniatures.

🌲 Scenic Base Upgrade: All miniatures come with Hoplite magnetizable bases with lightly textured tops at no additional cost. You may also choose to upgrade your order with one of our scenic base options from our partners at Txarli Factory. These are randomized packs of scenic-style bases that are also magnetizable.

❗ Surprise! Every order from Hoplite Games Studios includes a free Surprise Pack. This pack contains a randomized miniature or set of miniatures randomly selected from our product range.

📏 How big is the model? Our models are all scaled to work for standard tabletop games in the 28-32mm scale. Our scaling is primarily set to match the “heroic” scales of popular British wargaming miniatures. Some miniatures, particularly larger monsters/constructs, may require light assembly and/or gluing.

🔬 3D printed miniatures. Our miniatures are manufactured using our custom-blended Hoplite Battle Resin. This mix has been designed specifically for tabletop miniatures, adding flexibility and durability, while retaining an extremely high level of detail. While we take care when printing and processing our miniatures, some small marks may remain due to the nature of 3D printing. Please bear in mind that resin is a delicate material, and should still be handled with care.

✨ Proper care. All of our models are triple-washed in isopropyl alcohol and water and cured with heat and ultraviolet light before shipping. We remove all supports by hand, eliminating the tedious work of support removal. While they are ready to handle and play right out of the box, though we recommend painting them to protect from wear and tear.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA. All of our products are proudly handmade in the United States of America.

🚚 Our guarantee. If any issues occur during or as a result of shipping, please let us know within two (2) business days of your package arriving. If any damage occurred during shipping, we will replace the affected miniature(s) at no additional cost.

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