Halfling Marksman Team | Red Pilgrim Miniatures | 28mm

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📖 Item Description: As the active hostilities came close to the industrial sectors of Pandora Prime factory workers were forced to defend themselves. Narrow walkways between workshops turned into barricades, loading cranes changed their manipulators to circular saws and chaindrills, and workers stood shoulder to shoulder with planetary defense forces. One of the most famous of these units was the Gizmo Boys, once Orbital Shipyard CX-37N welders, and now well-aimed snipers, not allowing the enemy to raise his head on the battlefield.

📦 What’s in the box? This set includes five (5) 3D printed miniatures. All parts of your order will be 3D printed in UV resin. Multipart models may require some assembly, as shown in the product listing. All miniatures arrive unpainted. Magnetizable Hoplite Bases are included.

❗ Surprise! Every order from Hoplite Games Studios includes a free Surprise Pack. This randomized pack contains a miniature or set of miniatures randomly selected from our across our product ranges.

📏 How big is the model? Our models are all scaled to work for standard tabletop games in the 28-32mm scale. Our scaling is primarily set to match the “heroic” sizes of other popular miniature companies. Some miniatures, particularly larger monsters/constructs, may require light assembly and/or gluing.

🔬 3D Printing. Our miniatures are manufactured using our custom-blended Hoplite Battle Resin. This mix has been chosen specifically for tabletop miniatures, and combines flexibility and durability, along with a high level of detail. While we take care when printing and processing our miniatures, some small marks may remain due the 3D printing manufacturing technique. Please bear in mind that resin is a delicate material, and should be handled with care.

✨ Resin Miniatures. All of our models are washed and cured before shipping. They are ready to play out of the box, though we recommend painting them to protect from wear and tear. Keep in mind, direct exposure to UV light can further cure the resin making it brittle. Therefore, until the model has been painted please keep it out of direct sunlight.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA. All of our products are proudly handmade in the United States of America.

🚚 Quality Guaranteed. If any issues occur during or as a result of shipping, please let us know within five (5) business days of your package arriving. If any damage occurred during shipping, we will replace the affected miniature(s) at no additional cost.

⚖️ Licensed designs. The listed artist has provided this model/these models to us as an officially licensed seller.

👋 Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out directly with any questions you may have.

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